Krawiec, Georgia

Georgia Krawiec: The Palace - My Love

Georgia Krawiec
(born in 1972)spent half of hier life m Germany. She graduated. among others, from the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Siegen in Germany, where her Supervisor was professor Jürgen Königs. Since 2000 she has been a freelance photographer. Besides photo-montage and other aristic techniques as well as analogue manipulation of images, she is also engaged in pinhole photography and alternative techniques. Her works are in private and public collections both in Poland and Germany

The Palace - My Love
georgia Krawiec is a disciple of antireality. For her photography means playing, playing with Symbols, form, light and - in a case of „The Palace - My Love" - also with colour.
A subject is deceptively simple: created anew - on the eighth day - a lonely colossus. georgia Krawiec cre¬ates by the way of elimination (of current reality that surrounds the PALACE), excluding any noisy commonplaceness; she creates by multiplication of disorder that reminds hallucinogenic sensations; she creates by elevating dancing towers high above prosaic context. While - in the real world - people have their responsible place between the Earth and the Heaven, in this nihilistic chaos their tasks are done by the PALACE - as composition of abstraction with alchemy incarnate.
Portraits of the PALACE were made during nine nocturnal dose encounters. Hidden faces of this so ambivalent giant were caught by pinhole cameras, a-mechanical lensless constructions, in which nothing interferes with waves of light. Photomontage and transformation of black and white picture into fictitiously multicoloured photographs made the PALACE to appear unrealistically and endowed it with mystic faces: one time aggressive and horrible, other time funebrial, sometime warm, childishly marvelous.
When looking at this project l understand the georgia's Krawiec declaration - the PALACE is doubtlessly the magnetic field, a transcendental object filled with magic, vital strength, even in its parts where there apparently is no real life. The PALACE is a-real sphere, a self-sufficient planet, a state within a state, tissue with a pulse of its own, whose individual organs operate together as an organism. The PALACE - a fantastic structure born of nothing.
Marek Droste

The series of 25 analogue pinhole photo-montages of artificial colouring, created in  the years of 2003/04. Black and white pictures were treated in time-consuming processes of multi-toning, also in home-made toners. Consequently, works formally distinct, each of them unique, were created.

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