Yao Lu

Yao Lu, Beijing

In the circle images of Yao Lu, we look on Chinese landscapes. They seem to be painted on canvas, but they are part of a digital composition and a the first layer of relation to the traditions of Chinese paintings.

Mountains, waterfalls, little towers and temples and of course the Great Wall of China are iconic symbols of a Chinese landscape, how we tend to know them from photo magazines, or even traditional paintings.  But the mountains are covered with plastics and nets as a major construction ground. The landscape is in a process of major transition, like we recently saw the valleys and villages drowning in the Three Gorges Dam.

Waterfalls in the mountains are promising spring and a recreation of nature, a boat on the river slowly moves, another has arrived or left. Young business people arrive here, as are cars in parkinglots. They seem to be lost in this newly created world.

Yao Lu’s work brings together traditional and modern iconic pieces into his images. They represent Chinese past and present both in the creation of artwork and life in China. In Yao Lu’s work we experience these major recreations of the landscape as a representation of the society’s changes.