Wei De Zhi

Wei DeZhi

It has been a few years since Wei DeZhi created his very small images. On a black wall, we see postal stamps, probably in their original size. The stamps, however, are not the sort that a Chinese would usually paste on to a letter in the regular way; they are actually creations by the photographer Wie DeZhi. He has inserted photographs of hutongs into these classical stamps. The hutongs are disappearing; many people are losing their homes and are missing the traditional China. Wei DeZhi would like to express his regret, his worries, perhaps even criticize quietly to the outside. However, the situation of the hutongs is kept mostly quiet in China. It is not allowed to paste or otherwise mark postcards and letters in China. So, these images express the wish to communicate this message to the outside on the very famous Great Wall, which becomes a Wall of Silence in this case.