Glitter & Dust 2016

The earth is not flat, but round and offers us on every continent a home. North, South, East and West, each country is determined by its own culture and yet, our societies and cultures develop in a direction in which we use our home, this planet excessively. Since the 19th century we live not only from agriculture and cattle breeding, but forms of consumption lead production and determine our daily life. Nostalgic buildings of the early production places like Ferit Kuyas’ from the early 20th Century fill us with a melancholy, while the long stretched halls  by Martin Schäpers refer to  the dimension and the stretch of time of production locations in our cities where we work and live.
Claudia Fährenkemper, the monumental machine in the center of their fotoskulpturalen typologies and leaves the destruction of the landscape and of our planet to be a backdrop. Unlike her colleague Matthias Koch refers to the constant change of the used landscape. In this change, we find both sadness and hope for the time beyond.
Whatever we do on this planet or the planet, since we no longer collect only Environmentalist, but turn for our consumption, we need energy. This complex places, often monumental architecture, Luca Zanier freezes to images of a cold objectivity. Jamey Stilling however, takes us in classic timeless images the future of energy in the sun in mind that makes life possible since the beginning of our planet. The California solar plant can only be the beginning of a future that can not only used but live our planet. Why are the Russian workers in the series Lucia Ganievas friendly admonishing addition to locations of past production in addition to the design of wallpaper.
Women today are an equal part of our society, which was perhaps the most important achievement of the last century. They built countries after wars again, they are the mothers of our children and fill our planet with life, such as the sun, which will provide us in the future with the necessary energy.

Glitter & Dust
September 19 - 25, 2016
Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, Peoples Republic of China

participating artists:Claudia Fährenkemper, Lucia Ganieva, Matthias Koch, Ferit Kuyas, Martin Schaepers, Jamey Stillings, Luca Zanier

Curator: Thomas Kellner

“But let us take part in the adventure all the same, for there is a lot to be discovered, THERE, beyond the stereotypes.” Glüher, Gerhard, 2001, Druckhaus Locher GmbH, Köln/ Iserlohn, page 10

Kellner, T., 2016.  Glitter and Dust. China Pingyao Internationlal Photography Festival 2016/16, 2016 (16), pp. 54-59 >>>

thank you

thank you to Mr. Zhang Guotian and his internnational team around Amy for inviting me to curate another show for Pingyao. Thank you to Claudia Fährenkemper, Lucia Ganieva, Matthias Koch, Ferit Kuyas, Martin Schaepers, Jamey Stillings, Luca Zanier for being patient highly professional in their collaboration for this groupshow. Thank you to Alicia Tiller and Helga Kellner for being my assistances in China.