face-to-face, 2014, Stuttgart


10 years of photographers network
Opening June 4, exhibition July 4 – July 27, 2014
Vhs-photogalerie Stuttgart, Fritz-Elsas-Strasse 46 – 48, 70174 Stuttgart

In 2013 the project photographers network celebrated its 10th birthday, a project that one day was initiated by the artist Thomas Kellner. He spent a lot of time and was actively engaged in realizing the aim of establishing a network between his colleagues, of achieving a mutual encouragement and progress as well as a constant exchange of ideas between artists. And he was successful! The annual meetings, where Thomas invites his colleagues from all over the world, produced several times a surprising fresh and exceptional exhibition. A competent jury, consisting of journalists, gallery owners and curators, chooses the best works, awards the portfolio prize and nominates a solo exhibition. In this way the participants become more known and benefit from the mutual experiences and richness of ideas.
In connection with the jubilee Thomas Kellner looks back at the past ten years, treating the question of how his project did influence the participants and their works. Did his intend leave traces? How does the huge amount of creativity and ideas express itself in the works? The exhibition this year shows the best photographs of the past ten years. The focus is on the human being, an emotional character whose face contains traces of life and traces of the past.
Provocation, anxiousness, sadness. That’s what we see, looking at the figures in the pictures. What does the young man in Urszula Tarasiewicz photograph want to tell us? His eyes are focused on us, the expression is tired, but intensive. Which story is there behind? Whereas the sculpture of Marie Docher one could describe as impassive and content. The stony head seems to hide life inside: the eyes are concentrated, a smile in the face, scars on the skin – maybe traces of the past? Looking at the portrait of Jolana Havelkova, one feels uncertain and uncomfortable. The blurry picture allows us just a rough idea of who is imaged there: a little boy. His expression is penetrable and clear, despite the fuzzy shape, as if he were looking inside of us, through us. Who are these people and which story are they telling us?

photographers:network selection 2004-2013
June 4 – July 27
vhs-photogalerie Stuttgart
opening June 4th 7:30 pm
opening speach by Thomas Schirmböck

exhibiting artists: Mariette Pathy Allen, Lili Almog, Marco Ambrosi, Bill Armstrong, Pascal Baetens, Marc Baruth, Niki Berg, Richard Bram, Patrizia Casamirra, Pedro David, Max de Esteban, Diane Ducruet, Beth Yarnelle Edwards, Blake Fitch, Lucia Ganieva, Chrystel Garipuy, Judy Gelles, Andrew Z. Glickman, Lorena Guillen Vaschetti, Michael Hallett, Daniel Handal, Dirk Hanus, Jolana Havelková, Johannes Hepp, Olga  Hoffman, Nicolai Howalt, Qiu Jun Song, Véronique Kolber, Liu LiJie, Emily-Jane Major, Ana Lucia Mariz, Rania Matar, Andrea Mendes, Charles Mintz, Katharina Mouratidi, Wolfgang Müller, Wawi Navarroza, Dan Nelken, Suzanne Opton, Udayan Sankar Pal, Kitty Paranagua, Nicolas Pascarel, Inger Lise Rasmussen, Ken Rosenthal, Frank Rothe, Michelle Sank, Diana Scherer, Jutta Schmidt, Daniel Schumann, Gregory Scott, Evzen Sobek, Ursula Sokolowska, Leslie Starobin, Ludmila Steckelberg de Santana, Urszula Tarasiewicz, Guy Veloso, Rebecca Webb, Johan Willner, Peng Xiangjie, Qiu Zhen.

Fritz-Elsas-Str. 46 – 48
70174 Stuttgart
Fon: 0711 1873-790