Liu Lijie

Liu Lijie: Another Episode

Can photographs reflect our youth?

Each photograph is another episode, perhaps just for me, or for many. Our youth has gone dry, like green moss under the sunshine, at the meeting point between reality and wonderland. ‘Another Episode’ is a small album, drowning in sentimental memory and dream. The individual’s lifetime is exposed, without shelter. Time grows blurred, but space becomes surreal when I start looking back. Youth passes quickly, only leaving broken pieces of the experiences with life, death and feeling in my hands. The layers of life are revealed, one by one, explored, walked through with born sensitivity.

That lost in the dark, ‘me’, that hugging the broken doll, ‘me’ … I embark upon the soon departing and the long gone. What I feel real in my heart is the only home for true reality, regardless of any other ‘reality’. Liu Lijie