Xiangjie, Peng

Peng Xiangjie, xi’an ShangXi, Xi `an Shaanxi Province, China

1961    Born in Xi'an, Shaanxi
1991    First engaged in photography and took photos of village life and died ceremony in Shaanxi.
1993    Worked as photographer in Publicity and Culture Division of XAC

San Jiao Jiu Liu

San Jiao Jiu Liu are different layers of Chinese society. Considering the dramatic change happening every day in China, the work on San Jiao Jiu Liu is hardness with many uncertain factors.

I am glad to have this opportunity to share with others about my imminent works.

Best wishes to you on the coming Chinese New Year!

Peng xiangjie, Children miming Junior Soldiers of the Red Army, 100x100 CM, Inkjet Print on Fine Art Paper, edition 0f 6, 2006


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