Webb, Rebecca

Rebecca Webb, San Diego, California, USA

Rebecca Webb has worn many hats in the world of film production and new media, such as editor, producer, location scout, and post-production supervisor. Webb has worked on documentaries and feature films with directors William Klein, Darren Arronofsky and Hal Hartley, to name a few. Webb is especially interested in digital technology and how it's shaping next-gen filmmaking  and film-going experiences.  In her role as film curator for ArtPower!, she is inaugurating the Filmatic Festival (April 2014), a digitally-diverse festival that aims to blur the line between audience and artist.  Webb also lectures in film production media and photography at UC San Diego. Her fine art photography work is exhibited in galleries in Boston, New York City, San Diego and various museums nation-wide.
BFA School of Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University
Graduate studies New York University's Studio Arts Program


Sutures: stories with seams
I’m telling you stories. Trust me.  – Novelist Jeanette Winters [The Passion]
Influenced by my background in film editing and painting, I create vignettes that star friends, family, and myself -- in single or double frames. These "characters" become the subject of one still; the complement is a forsaken place symbolizing ghosts of the past. I attempt to pictorally capture the intensity of feelings and dynamics between two or more people in non-moving images, and the relationship we have to the physical spaces we inhabit, and the collision of fabrication and reality.
Though the work is extremely intimate, it is meant to function on many levels, as the specific becomes the general.  The intensity of the personal narrative comes through in feelings of fear and joy; disappointment and hope; longing, desire, and attainment.