Thomas, Nelly

Nelly Thomas, Langenselbold, Germany

Nelly Thomas is a fine arts photographer living in Germany. Her particular areas of interest are light, shadow and movement as well as the various layers of a scene. Nelly’s education in photography has taken place at the Santa Fe Workshops, Maine Photo Workshops and the workshops at the Frankfurt Fotografie-Forum. She has studied the platinum printing process with Sal Lopes. Her success in photography has led to invitations to Rhubarb-Rhubarb in Birmingham/England, the photo festival in Bratislava/Slovakia and FotoFest in Houston/Texas. Nelly Thomas’ work is currently held in private collections, such as Thomas Kellner, and is available for gallery representation. Bodies of work include “Tiempo para el tiempo / Time for time“, Impressions of the Street, “Timeless”, “Orange”, “Light and Shadow” and “Concepts and Essence of Place”.

Hints of Place

“This body of work is influenced by a painting from the Dutch artist DeBruyn. The painting on the one hand is a cluttered room using several techniques but does not guide the viewer’s eye. Each viewer’s eye is captured by a different aspect of the painting – some see the sunlight coming in from the outside first, others see the cluttered floor initially, one might see the different colors or the detail. DeBruyn wanted to point that every one of us perceives the same scene differently.

She is dedicated to the effect of abstract, color, detail and form – or so it is said of Nelly Thomas. Her subjects are the art of a place, the depth of a moment, the color of the instance. Her trademark is her individual style that has developed over the years.

“Hints of Place” is a collection of fine art images which show places without the usual clichés. This is what makes them of universal appeal.”

Nelly Thomas, Langenselbold Mai 2004