Sobek, Evzen

Evzen Sobek, Brno, Czech Republic

Evzen Sobek
Born on the 4th June 1967 in Brno, Czech Republic.
Graduated from the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University Opava, Czech Republic. Freelance photographer and photography teacher – lectures and workshops on documentary photography in various universities and schools in the Czech Republic. The focal point of his work is documentary photography. Represented in public and private collections in Europe, USA, Israel and Japan. Presenting his photographs in both solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Participant of Credit Suisse Masterclass for Photojournalists from Central and Eastern Europe, Budapest - New York.

Awards: MiO Photo Award 2000, Grand Prix Winner, Japan - M.I.L.K. Competition 2000, U.S.A. - Talentinum 2001, Czech Republic, Honorable Montion Lens Culture Award 2010, Paris - fotoMAGAZIN talent Award 2013, Hamburg Residences: Internationales Haus der Autoren Graz, Cultural City Network Graz, Austria - Stiftung kunst:raum sylt quelle, Sylt, Germany

Life in Blue

What is the motivation for people to spend their time at the lakeside of the reservoir in the southeastern tip of the Czech Republic? Why do they set up their second homes with bizarre architectural artefacts in this strange environment though the magic of the place dissolves after several visits..
What makes the members of the community or holidaymakers, their husbands and wives, children, relatives, friends,  voluntarily spend a weekend or even a year-round stay in this strange emptiness?
Is it the longing for meditation in the country?
Is it the necessity of establishing informal contacts in a romantic environment?
Maybe here they can quench their desire for life in a community which the city can no longer offer.
The answer to these questions could be given by these residents only, but the question is whether they know the answer themselves...?

Evzen Sobek

Books and Catalogs

2004 - Ecce Homo (introduction by Vladimir Birgus), Leica Gallery Prague

2008 - Life in Blue (introduction by Jiri Siostrzonek), Brno

2011 - Life in Blue (introduction by Jiri Patek & Jiri Siostrzonek), Heidelberg, Germany

Collections that hold Evzen Sobek's work

Collection of Union of Czech Photographers, Prague
Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kiyosato
Moravian Gallery, Brno
Museum of Applied Arts, Prague
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Museum of Romany Culture, Brno
National Museum of Photography, Jindrich Hradec
Network Selection, Herten
School of Visual Arts, Osaka
The Olomouc Museum of Art, Olomouc
private collections in Europe, Israel, Japan and USA