Rauschenberg, Chris

Christopher Rauschenberg, Portland Oregon, USA

Over the last 40 years, I have had 104 solo exhibitions of my work in eight countries on three continents. I am a co-founder of Blue Sky Gallery (www.BlueSkyGallery.org), Photolucida Festival (www.Photolucida.org), Nine Gallery and the Portland Grid Project (www.PortlandGridProject.com). At Blue Sky, I have co-curated 735 solo exhibitions by 625 photographers. Monographs of my work include Photographs 1973-1980 (1982), Svenska Fotografier i Malmö Konsthall (1985), Haunts (1991), Deck (1994) and Paris Changing (2007). My work is in the collections of the George Eastman House, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Fine Art Houston, the Corcoran, the Seattle Art Museum, the Tacoma Art Museum, the Portland Art Museum, the Princeton University Art Museum, the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Hallie Ford Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Rio, and others.

Even A King Can Look At A Cat

”Ever since its inception, the medium of photography has taught its practitioners that the ordinary world around them was filled with a quiet poetry and haunting magic that was unremarked but far from unremarkable. The camera looks at the world with a childlike innocence. As children, we never quite knew what was going on and the world was filled with mystery. The knowledge and experience we have accumulated since then acts as a barrier to our simply looking at things. We no longer look for or see the magic in our "ordinary" surroundings. In my photographs, I try to lose that deadening familiarity and recapture the richness and mystery that we once saw.”

Christopher Rauschenberg, Portland, Oregon, USA, May 2004


The George Eastman House

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Fine Art Houston

The Corcoran

The Seattle Art Museum

The Tacoma Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum

The Princeton University Art Museum

The Griffin Museum of Photography

The Hallie Ford Museum

The Museum of Modern Art in Rio


Photographs 1973-1980 (1982)

Svenska Fotografier i Malmö Konsthall (1985)

Haunts (1991)

Deck (1994)

Paris Changing (2007)