Jockheck, Manfred

Manfred Jockheck

"In 1992, Manfred Jockheck used the high-frequency plasma torch for the first time and consistently for the targeted artistic processing of metals. Through this process, which he opened up for art, it is possible to playfully shape metal. The torch makes it possible to work spontaneously and to leave traces in metals in a way that is otherwise only possible in drawing. In contrast to drawing, however, the traces here are traces of burning, which as a motif - described by the artist himself as "cryptogenic typography" - is spontaneous gestural expression with mostly unknown content.

Once tapped, this medium offers a rich reservoir of possibilities for creative work. The resulting artifacts can also serve as printing plates for embossed prints. Intaglio prints are made on handmade paper, with the burned-out areas of the printing plate remaining recognizable as raised patterns in the paper. In the course of new possibilities of expression, the use of printing ink is only logical. (Excerpt from Gerhard Kühr: "On the Aspect of Contrariness in the Works of Manfred Jockheck)" (was enclosed with the annual gift from Manfred Jockheck).