Hoefer, Manuela

Manuela Hoefer, Berlin, Germany

Manuela Höfer has over 30 years of experience in photographic practices and processes.

After her apprenticeship as a photo lab assistant and photographer, she studied photography at the Academy of Film, Television and Photography -FAMU- in Prague. Her main interest has always been analog photography and photograms.
At the same time she organized exhibitions and fairs for photographers in London and Berlin and opened a photo gallery in London.
During her working stays in Prague, London and Bavaria she created locally influenced projects and exhibition concepts.
Manuela Höfer still prints her classic, high-quality baryt prints herself in a black-and-white laboratory.
Her works can be found in numerous private and public collections. They have already been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe and published in specialist literature.
In October 2014 Manuela Höfer will open her first gallery in Berlin Mitte, at Georgenstrasse 200. There, high-quality, traditional, unique photographic works by international photo artists will be exhibited and offered for sale.

Unique pieces and small editions - handmade by the artist himself.

Virtual Fantasy

In this series, layers of textiles, shoes, lingerie and lace are combined with illusive feminine bodies. The results are subtle, ethereal images which delve deep into the subconscious to tempt and stimulate desire. Viewers may not be aware of being manipulated but they have been well programmed. The rapid bombardment of sexual images used by contemporary media create ubiquitous triggers within the the psyche.
They lead directly to deep and personal fantasies. We are all vulnerable, no one escapes.

New York New York

Flat Iron Building New York

Flat Iron Buildung New York


old textile mill

In 1993 while visiting friends and family in her hometown, Hofer was made aware of an old textile mill, which had been built in the early twentieth century and shut down in 1991. 

Developers had moved in to change the derelict building into modern western style lofts, shops, and restaurants with a leisure centre in the heart of the East German derelict structure.

Gaining access for a week Hofer created a colour and black and white series to document the existing structure. These images where bought by the developers to be exhibited after the completion of the project.

The irony is that the building is in the same, if not worse, state now - the developers have left Eastern Germany.