Gamma, Corina

Corina Gamma, LA Leisure

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles 10 years ago, I began to photographs the different parts of the city with the attempt to understand the seeming chaos.
During those years of wondering, I have discovered a side of Los Angeles that exists beyond its cliché of Hollywood and Disneyland. Many people come to Los Angeles in quest for a paradise and a new life. Therefore, dream and reality often create intriguing juxtapositions and contradictions, as well as generating a peculiar air of excitement. I enjoy walking into small pockets of the city and neighborhoods where locals seek their own form of entertainment during their time of Leisure.

I photograph in Los Angeles during Spring and Fall, when the clouds diffuse the light and the sky naturally turns into a blank canvas. This brings out the structures and help isolate the moment and the subject. 
The photographs of this series are taken with a 21/4 format camera using color negative film. I print the images with the traditional darkroom color printing process, without digital modifications.

LA Leisure