Cohen, Trudy Lee

Trudy Lee Cohen, Philadelphia PA, USA

Trudy Lee Cohen has been a landscape photographer for 20 years. She travels extensively and has photographed in Japan, Slovenia, Wales, Scotland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. After studying photography at Moore College of Art, Trudy was staff photographer for the Opera Company of Philadelphia and photographer for the Philadelphia Singers, the Opera Company of Philadelphia/Luciano Pavarotti Voice Competition for 17 years. In 1993 Trudy retired from these companies to devote her time to exploring her interest in landscape photography. Her work is represented by Catherine Couturier Gallery in Houston, Texas. Trudy will continue traveling and photographing the landscape of our world.


Photography has been a long and wonderful journey.  There are places

I respond to with a sense of curiosity and mystery.  Light, distortion and texture create an emotion more important than content. I take time, a luxury, to imagine what I cannot see.  My photographs are a response to the emotion I feel.  I hope they will create a desire in others to imagine what is beyond the obvious image.


Museum of Fine Arts, Houston,Texas
Bryn Mawr College
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
Brno, Czech Republic, Man and People At The End of the Second Millenium 1994-1999