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Dance of resonance at Visulex gallery in Hamburg

Hamburg. On April 02, 2022, the Visulex Gallery of Photography in Hamburg will open its doors to present the latest works of the Siegen-based artist Thomas Kellner. Consistent with Hamburg's location, Kellner's images will allow visitors to experience the city's most famous landmark and see it from a new perspective.

The exhibition 'Dance of Resonance' resembles a tour around and through the Elbphilharmonie, showing the staircase and elevators, various views of the room, the view of the curved roof, and outside views of the west and south sides. For those who have not visited the Port of Hamburg themselves, the series of photographs of the 'Elphi' provides a good insight into the extraordinary architecture of the concert hall, but also the idiosyncrasy of the author's artistic practice.

In October 2021, the artist visited Hamburg and made the numerous photographs of the building, whose geometric distribution of windows across the facade already has visual parallels with Kellner's mounted contact sheets. The artist has often dedicated himself artistically-photographically to well-known monuments and modern architecture, but in the case of the Elbphilharmonie, motif and technique fit together as never before. The architecture of the 'Elphi' literally mirrors the wave motion and coloring of the water. The curved roof, the small bulges in the facade and the large-scale glazing allow the association with a wave, perfectly integrate the building into the harbor surroundings and visualize the function of the building in relation to the acoustic waves of music. The Elbphilharmonie seems to be dancing itself, and thus lends itself perfectly to Kellner's images of dancing architecture. Thus, the exterior facade and interior move wave-like through the exhibition, representing both the architecture and the vibrating melodies inside and showing that this artist has a masterful understanding of the dance with the camera.

Details about Visulex Gallery

Thomas Kellner – Dance of Resonance
April 6 – May 6, 2022
Hamburg, Germany

April 2, 2022
3–8 p.m.

Visulex Gallery for Photography
Loogestrasse 6
20249 Hamburg – Eppendorf

Opening hours:
Wed – Fri 3–6 p.m., Sat 1–6 p.m.
+49 151 2712 5471

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