Thomas Kellner helps the Apollo Theatre

Apollo-Theatre at Night

Thomas Kellner helps the Apollo-Theatre in Siegen

Siegen. Thomas Kellner sells this year his new pictures of the Apollo Theater in favor of the Friends of the Apollo Theater. 50% of the profit will go to the Friends of the theater that the city is so excited about. Thomas Kellner has made one of his famous contact sheets of the Apollo Theater. We look at the nightly illuminated facade of the local theater and are thrilled by the blaze of color. The nocturnal illumination reflects the diversity and creativity of the actors in this house. The picture is available in an edition of 3 copies and one artist's copy and can be purchased from both the artist and Apollotheater. As long as the small stock of three lasts!

Apollo Theater, Siegen

For a long time, the Apollo cinema from the 1930s in downtown Siegen was unused. The conversion of the cinema into a theater will create a new cultural building block in the center of the city. The striking east façade of the historic portal building, with its five arches, is the showcase and at the same time the main entrance with foyer. The old building is adjoined by a modern, unpretentious new building that houses all the theater uses. The existing building and the extension are separated by a glass joint in order to make this interface between old and new visible. An unusual lighting concept emphasizes the old building and draws attention to the theater from afar. The building was awarded the Siegen Architecture Prize in 2007 and is located in the middle of the city.

The Siegen Theater - a play theater

The Apollotheater is a theater without a permanent ensemble in Siegen. The theater offers a mixture of plays, concerts, dance performances and musical theater. The artistic director is Markus Steinwender. The Apollotheater was opened in 2007 and replaced the dilapidated and technically inadequate stage of the city of Siegen on Spandauer Straße. The new house was financed by the city of Siegen, the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Apollo has a large hall with 600 seats and a smaller hall with 200 seats. In recent years, the theater has developed into an important cultural center in the region and offers a wide range of events for all age groups. In the 2014/2015 season, the Apollo Theater recorded its audience record of 104,243 spectators. The house has become an important cultural attraction in Siegen and the region.

The Apollo's events

The Apollo Theater has a diverse program for all age groups. It stages plays, concerts, dance performances and musical theater. The house works with renowned artists and ensembles from Germany and around the world. In the 2022/2023 season, the Apollo will host the following events:

  • Play: "The Physicists" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.
  • Concert: "The Magic Flute" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Dance performance: "The Nutcracker" by Peter I. Tchaikovsky
  • Musical theater: "Carmen" by Georges Bizet

The Apollo is an important cultural venue in Siegen and the region. The house hosts a diverse program for all age groups and has become a popular destination for those interested in culture.

Who is Thomas Kellner

Thomas Kellner (born 1966 in Bonn) is one of the most successful German photo artists. Thomas Kellner has shown his work in over 500 exhibitions, including four solo exhibitions in New York, on all continents with a total of over 30 monographs.

What is a contact sheet

Contact prints: An old-school photographic technique

Contact prints are a photographic technique in which a negative is placed directly on photographic paper and exposed. This creates a positive that contains the original details of the negative. Contact prints were commonly used in the past to create large format photographs, but they are still used today by some photographers who are looking for a specific aesthetic.
One of the most well-known photographers to use contact prints is Thomas Kellner. Kellner is a German photographer who is best known for his architectural photography. In his photos, he often uses strong contrasts and a rich color palette, as seen here in this image of the Apollo Theater. Kellner does not create his photos with a computer, but exclusively with analog cameras and photographic paper. Kellner's contact prints are not only of high technical quality, but also very artistic. His photos are often characterized by a melancholic mood and convey a deep connection to architecture and the urban. Kellner is a master of architectural photography, and his photos are proof that analog photography can still play an important role in contemporary photography.

A look behind the scenes

To make a contact print, you need a negative, photo paper and an enlarger. The negative is placed on the photo paper and then exposed with an enlarger. The exposure time depends on the sensitivity of the photo paper and the brightness of the negative. After the exposure, the photo paper is developed and fixed. The contact print is then ready.

The advantages of contact prints

Contact prints offer a number of advantages over other photographic techniques. First, they are relatively easy to make. Second, they can be made in large formats. Third, they can achieve a high level of detail. Fourth, they can convey a certain aesthetic that is different from photographs taken with digital cameras.

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