Simply Photography

Simply Photography

Hamburg. Last weekend the exhibition Simply Photography opened at Jupiter in Hamburg, showing Tango Metropolis by Thomas Kellner with visuleX Gallery from Hamburg.

From September 9th to 24th, 2023, the JUPITER in the heart of Hamburg will be illuminated with a fresh perspective. In the Simply Photography exhibition, 14 photographic artists will unveil a captivating array of classic and innovative photographic viewpoints. This exhibition distinguishes itself through its innovative approach. It transcends mere technical perfection, showcasing photography as a medium for narratives, emotions, and concepts. The exhibited works unveil the diverse creativity and philosophies of the artists.
"Simply Photography" beckons visitors to delve into a wide spectrum of photographic expressions. Whether it's abstract portrayals of daily life, socially incisive documentation, or painterly landscapes, photography as an art form is profoundly experienced here. Each exhibit within the gallery tells a distinctive story, promising an inspirational voyage through the realm of photography. This exhibition pays homage to the diversity of photographic artistry and the imaginative spirits behind it. Simply Photography at Jupiter extends an invitation to rediscover the world of photography and succumb to its enchantment.


Photo Category Gallery Artist  Series
Portrait  By proxy VisuleX Volker Hinz Born to Shine - Muhammad Ali, Beckenbauer, Schwarzenegger
Travel/Reportage Aerial Photography StudioGalerie Othmarschen

Helmut Kalle, Manfred Schulze-Alex

Photography from Europe, Middle East and Central Asia  Hamburg harbor - the change to the Hafencity since 1978
Travel/Landscape Galerie holzhauer Hamburg Dorothea Heinrich Close Below the Heavens
Travel  Marcard Pro Arte Désireé von Trotha In the Eye of Time
Landscape/Conceptual Art By proxy VisuleX Jaschi Klein Wind Installations
Architecture Felix Jud Art Maximilian Meisse, Ingrid von Kruse  Urban Space / Rome/Berlin/Heliogravures Rome
Interior Design Gallery Nanna Preußners, Natalia Carstens Empty Space?!
Abstract Pure Photography & Gallery for Art, Media and Design Heike Baltruweit Abstract Photography
Flora/Experimental/Infrared VisuleX Marcus Schwier Nightshots
Night shots/Landscape  VisuleX Nomi Baumgartl, Sven Nieder 10 years Stella Polaris* Ulloriarsuaq
Architecture VisuleX Thomas Kellner Tango Metropolis
Fashion/Concept Art MUMA Gallery Tim Petersen Mensch Rudy

In an age saturated with images through digitalization and smartphones, and where AI is challenging the photography industry, this exhibition brings the irreplaceable creative essence of photography into focus. It highlights what AI can never mimic: the human touch of attitude and creativity. Curated by esteemed gallerist Vivian Laux-Eggert, the exhibition brings together 14 photographic artists from different galleries to present a captivating selection. Offering fresh perspectives and unexpected insights into a variety of subjects, the exhibition pushes the boundaries of traditional genres such as travel and reportage photography. On view are remarkable works.

The venue, formerly a department store at the beginning of Mönckebergstraße, was transformed into the creative hub Jupiter several months ago, bringing together art, culture, fashion, music, drinks, and design. The Jupiter first floor on the second level showcases rotating exhibitions of high-quality art across 1,400 square meters. Admission is free, and the exhibited works are available for purchase. This remarkable endeavor is generously supported by the Fonds for Kreative Zwischennutzung.

The show is on display till September 24, 2023 in Hamburg.

Simply Photography
Duration: September 9 - 24, 2023
Jupiter first floor, Mönckebergstr. 2-4, Hamburg, Germany
Opening: Friday, September 8, 2023, 5 p.m.-2 p.m.
Core opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 1-6 p.m.

Curator Vivian Laux-Eggert, VisuleX Gallery of Photography