Thomas Kellner presents Black & White in Neheim

Opening Reception in Arnsberg

Thomas Kellner Black & White at K30 Neheim

Neheim. Fine art photographer Thomas Kellner (Bonn 1966) opened his exhibition Black & White at K30 in Neheim on Friday evening. After exhibition stops in Cologne, Siegen, Bad Camberg, Lyon, Tauberbischofsheim, Lacock Abbey, Reykjavik, Hefei, Chengdu, Münster, Almeria, Zaragoza, Stuttgart and Katwijk, this exhibition with the classic black and white contact prints of Thomas Kellner is now in Neheim.

After many years Thomas Kellner exhibits his photographic works in the Neheimer Kunsthalle 30 (K30). On display are older works on international architecture, which show the typical Kellner style of extremely accurate and at the same time fragmented images.

That this exhibition can be shown in Neheim is almost a small miracle. In recent years, Thomas Kellner has shown his work all over the world in galleries and major museums from the USA to Brazil and China. At the same time, new series have been created, which have focused on the architecture typical of the country. In doing so, the buildings or constructions are not simply documented. Thomas Kellner takes the time to capture individual aspects in a perspective-twisted way and then to arrange them into new structures. In doing so, he proceeds according to precise sketches. The contact prints of his photo series are then assembled into complete images. Sometimes he needs only one film for a work, the largest images are created from many films. This results in tableaus in various formats. Thomas Kellner, who lives in Siegen, proves that it is possible to inspire the world with his art even from the provinces. The fact that he has won several important art prizes along the way need not be mentioned. It is thanks to the personal contacts of the K30 makers that this exceptional artist has agreed to take part. Anyone who is at home in the major photo magazines or even daily newspapers has certainly come across the works of Thomas Kellner, because his presence is always apparent. "We are very fortunate to be able to present here an excerpt of Kellner's work, which today can almost be called classic and has a firm place in photographic art," says Haimo Hieronymus, who with Stephanie Neuhaus has brought this exhibition to Neheim.

Haimo Hieronymus and Thomas Kellner still know each other from their student days in Siegen. They fondly remember the first exhibition of their art’s department, for which they printed invitation cards and posters in night actions at the letter press and surprised the professors with an event. Haimo Hieronymus, Stephanie Neuhaus and Thomas Kellner share a long friendship. In the studios of Friedrichstraße in Siegen, Kellner and his colleagues showed the Neheim artists in the form of an exchange between studio communities. In the Siegen Artgalerie Haimo Hieronymus is regularly presented with his latest works.

But Thomas Kellner is not exhibiting in Neheim for the first time either. Already in his student days, the Bonn-born artist showed his experimental works for the first time in 1993 in the Neheim studio community Der Bogen. Further exhibitions followed in 1998 and 2000. The current exhibition Black & White can be seen in Neheim until November 26, always on Friday evenings.

Exhibition details

Thomas Kellner – Black & White
September 30 – November 26, 2022
Kunsthalle 30, Neheim, Germany

Kunsthalle 30
Lange Wende 30
59755 Arnsberg, Germany

+49 173 7276421

Opening hours: 
Friday 7 to 11 pm and by appointment

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