May 2, 2019: Thomas Kellner neu vernetzt

Siegen. A network for sale. For the Kunsttag 2019, Thomas Kellner begins to clear the corners of his studio and to offer pictures for sale that are unlikely to have any place in his future domicile. Thomas Kellner has been working for more than two decades in networks of photo artists, artists and curators. Much has accumulated, from which Kellner now has to part with a heavy heart. Not only are there valuable framed works by regional artists, but also works by young artists who are now gallerists in New York. There is much to discover this year and Kellner likes to establish contact with the respective artist.

With the art day 2019, which is expected to be the last for Kellner, if he does not find a studio in Siegen, goes a new website online. Kellner has been working on the development of his new appearance for a full seven years. Gone are the gray background and the green cube, instead Kellner appears in the classic black and white timeless design. Kellner has gone through many basic steps with brand developer Thorsten Junge. One of the steps led through Moscow, where Prof. Dr. Irina Chmyreva defined Kellner's work as a visual analytical synthesis. The foundation was laid by Leif Heuser from iD.ENTITY in Cologne. The design implementation of Peter Büdenbender in Siegen was continued. He developed the corporate design using one of the designed logo "THOMAS KELLNER" as well as the creation of an application manual which includes the definition of typeface, color scheme, basic layouts for office equipment, posters, promotional items, website, etc. During the whole time Thorsten Junge kept an eye on the further development and Paar IT was not only responsible for the technical update of the 10.000-pages-strong internet presence, but also wrote the new version of the now bilingual typo3-website with BLOG that will soon be worth knowing around the artist Thomas Kellner delivers.

Even if Thomas Kellner should not find a new studio, we will still be able to continue to get online news about his paintings and his works of art.