March 8, 2019 Thomas Kellner in Chicago and Berlin

Berlin/Chicago. On Thursday, March 7 2019, Thomas Kellner participated for the second time in an experimental exhibition at the Jarvis Dooney Gallery in Berlin. The artworks are shown in a postcard installation that primarily address a young audience. That same weekend, the collaboration with Martha Schneider of the Schneider Gallery in Chicago came to an end. Martha Schneider has represented Kellner since 2002 and closes her gallery due to her age. She organized a closing reception on Friday, March 8 2019. The exhibition Postcard Salon in Berlin can be seen until April 20 2019.

March 7 - April 20 2019

Wednesday to Saturday 12am - 6pm and by appointment

Postcard Salon 2019

Jarvis Dooney Galerie, Linienstraße 116, 10115 Berlin

+49 30 37432672