March 1, 2020: Thomas Kellner at Kunstverein Nümbrecht, Germany

Nümbrecht. "Thomas Kellner creates a visual, a visible structure for which he previously worked analytically, mentally breaking down a whole into its individual components and reuniting them in a new construction, thus creating a connection between the various elements, a synthesis."

The exhibition "Tango Metropolis" opened yesterday at the Kunstverein Nümbrecht. Art historian Chiara Manon Bohn inaugurated the exhibition in the “Haus der Kunst”, which lasted until March 22nd. Architectural photographs by the artist Thomas Kellner can be seen, for which he traveled the world. In his work, Kellner deals with sights typical of the viewer and transforms the ideal image that exists in the head into a unique work of art.

Thomas Kellner - Tango Metropolis
1st-22nd March, 2020
Kunstverein Nuembrecht e.V., Nuembrecht
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