July 12, 2019 search for new studio postponed

Siegen. Kellner Küche Bad (Kellner Kitchen Bathroom) was the slogan used by the Siegen artist Thomas Kellner to search for a new studio building. After one and a half years of intensive search and the futile attempts to find a building at an acceptable price and the corresponding financing, Thomas Kellner is disappointed and postpones the search, but initially retreats to an office with warehouse.
The search for a potential studio has cost a lot of time, that he now has no more. Upcoming projects and exhibitions, such as the Kunstverein in Brühl, the Shenyang Festival and the Night of the Museums in Münster, are now taking their toll. Much has been canceled in the meantime, other things such as an exhibition and workshop in China and an exhibition in Havana had to be postponed to 2020.
At the end of September this year, Thomas Kellner will say "Good Bye" with his last presentation in the studio in Friedrichstraße, all other events will be canceled due to a lack of a suitable studio.