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Siegen. Art has been one of the most important cultural features of Siegen at least since the birth of Peter Paul Rubens in 1577 and the decision of the city of Siegen in 1955 to endow a prize named after him (awarded since 1957/58). Since then, this prize has been awarded every five years, and in the years in between, another Rubens-Talent-Prize is awarded to a young contemporary artist. This year Sung Tieu receives this prize.

Media and Art Coverage in Siegen: Past and Present

In my student days, there was a city magazine in Siegen, the Tip. Then the title Inside appeared and others followed. Today there is no longer a city events magazine. At the Siegener Zeitung there was an extensive culture section with exhibition reviews and every 14 days the durchblick, a supplement on culture. In addition to the local hero of the regional newspapers, there were the Westfalenpost and the Westfälische Rundschau, which also regularly reported on art, as did the Rheinische Post. Thank God, radio and television, Radio Siegen and the WDR did not reduce their coverage. Added are the broadcast channels of the University of Siegen and social media channels with temporary influence.

Nurturing the Art Scene: The Rubens Prize and Contemporary Artists in Siegen

Since the beginning of the year, I have already been sending out a newsletter on events and art in Siegen to counteract the lack of publicity and greater competition with theaters. Now I hope that an offered calendar of events about fine art in Siegen, based on the data of Siwikultur, will help to orientate all those who are interested in visual arts in Siegen. This week is the launch and I am excited myself. Have fun with it!

Siegen has a lively art scene, which is shaped by many organizers for the art-loving public with important, interesting and worth seeing exhibitions. Besides the MGKSiegen, the Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen, Siegerlandmuseum, Kunstverein Siegen, Fach Kunst der Universität Siegen, Kultur!Büro Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein, Artgalerie, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Siegerländer Künstler, Gruppe 3/55 and many other actors, there is art to see in Siegen all year round.

Prominent Art Institutions in Siegen: Museums and Galleries

The Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen: Showcasing Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen: The Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen  is a renowned institution for contemporary art. It shows exhibitions of works by contemporary artists from various fields such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation and video art. It houses the Lambrecht-Schadeberg Collection with works by the Rubens Prize winners and a collection of contemporary art, such as works by Bernd and Hilla Becher and their students. Recently, the museum also owns, together with the SK Foundation in Cologne, the series Antlitz der Zeit by August Sander.

Siegerlandmuseum: A Window into the Region's Artistic Heritage

Siegerlandmuseum: The Siegerlandmuseum is the oldest museum in Siegen and houses an important art collection. It displays paintings, graphics and sculptures from different eras, including works by artists from the region. The originals of Peter Paul Rubens can be found here, as well as an exhibition mine that sheds light on the mining history of the Siegerland region.

Kunstverein Siegen: Fostering Experimental and Interdisciplinary Art

Siegen Art Association: Kunstverein Siegen is a platform for experimental and interdisciplinary art projects. It offers artists and creative people the opportunity to present and exhibit their work. The cultural laboratory also regularly organizes events such as exhibitions, concerts, performances and workshops. Since 1998, the Kunstverein has also organized the Art Summer, which is visible throughout the region.

Art Collections at the University of Siegen: Nurturing Emerging Talent

Art Collections of the University of Siegen: The University of Siegen owns an extensive art collection, which is displayed in various buildings of the university. The collection includes works by contemporary artists as well as student works. The University of Siegen has an art department that organizes the annual Rundgang, the presentation of student works and the Brauhausfotografie.

Embracing Art in Public Spaces: Enhancing the Urban Landscape

Street Art: Siegen also has a lively street art scene. In the city center and at various locations around the city, you can find colorful graffiti works and murals created by local and international artists. In particular, funding from the Gütersloh Cultural Secretariat has made art in public spaces more visible in Siegen as well.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Siegerländer Künstler (ASK): Strengthening the Local Art Community

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Siegerländer Künstler (ASK) is an association of artists from the Siegen region in Siegerland, Germany. The ASK was founded in 1946 and is one of the oldest artist associations in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Discovering Artgalerie Siegen by Helga Kellner: Celebrating Contemporary Art

In the Artgalerie you can find since 1996 works of contemporary artists from the region, as well as artists from England, France, Switzerland and the USA! On about 80sqm you can find in the Unterstadt not far from the Museum of Contemporary Art, more than 1000 works of art! The Artgalerie offers a wide variety of artworks, both in terms of techniques and styles. Since 1996, the gallery has held regular exhibitions of works by contemporary artists, primarily on paper, including painting, drawing, graphics and photography, representational, figurative and abstract.

Siegen's Vibrant Art Scene: Events, Exhibitions, and Cultural Highlights

Information on current exhibitions in Siegen and Siegen-Wittgenstein and the organizers can now be found at Art in Siegen.