December 12, 2019: Thomas Kellner - Black & White at Spectrum Sotos in Zaragoza

Zaragoza. On Wednesday evening, fine art photographer Thomas Kellner opened his exhibition Black & White in the renowned gallery Spectrum Sotos in Zaragoza. In his second exhibition in Spain, Kellner shows his black and white works from 1997 to 2005 after the presentation at the Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía in Almeria, including his first series of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, some pictures from Germany and Portugal and the USA. His Spanish images from Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Bilbao have only been shown in Spain for the first time this year. In these initial black and white works, you can still see his origin from the analog black and white experimental photography and his inspiration from cubism, which causes the buildings to swing apart in rough cubes. The contact sheet combines with the black parts of the architectures and shadows to form its own graphic forms.

Spectrum Sotos is both gallery and school. Founded over 40 years ago, Spectrum Sotos has grown into one of the most important galleries in Spain. Julio Alvarez Sotos showed many Spanish idols of photography but also all classics.

Julio Alvarez Sotos, photographer, born in 1950, founded the gallery as a branch of Spectrum Sotos in Barcelona and has long been one of Canon's photo galleries in Spain. At the same time, he ran a photo school that was famous far beyond the borders and was awarded many prizes for his diverse commitment.

Kellner's second solo exhibition in Spein can be seen in Zaragoza until January 18, 2020.

Thomas Kellner - Black & White
December 11, 2019 – January 16, 2020
Spectrum Sotos, Zaragoza, Spain

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