Creating land

Creating land – International fine art photography in landscape photography

Siegen. On Sunday 19.6.2022 the Artgalerie opened the exhibition on landscape photography curated by Thomas Kellner with artists from Germany, Argentina, Great Britain, USA and Mexico. The exhibition Creating Land can be seen at Artgalerie Siegen until August 27.

Creating Land
Marc Josef Baruth, Alfredo de Stefano, Peter Hölzle, Ellen Jantzen, Helen Sear, Ingrid Weyland.

At a time when landscapes are changing and we are visually flooded between Martian landscapes and war-torn landscapes, the artists in this exhibition offer an artistic view of landscape.
Modern digital interventions in photography, can be seen like traces of Gerhard Richter's painting in Ellen Jantzen's photographs. A new world is created as the dissolution of layers of color and image builds a bridge between reality and fantasy. Ingrid Weyland, on the other hand, visually transfers the lightness of paper into a landscape in a manner of either origami or architectural deconstructivism, combining something flat to cubic with the amorphous of the landscape. Alfredo de Stefano, using the landscape as a stage and focusing on the desert, emphasizes its fragile loss. The artistic work is tied to nature. Like de Stefano, Helen Sear also intervenes in the landscape. In her paintings, the forest becomes her canvas and the trees become painted sculptures. The colors spin through the forest like a web. One can feel reminded of macramé or the art of scriptoral that pours over objects and walls, entire houses safely away and here the branches of the trees themselves become signs and brushstrokes. The Siegen photo artist Marc Josef Baruth has also dealt with the landscape. Baruth shows in his works the merging of two landscapes: Siegen and Flemish Brabant in Belgium, analogous to the 12 existing landscape paintings that exist by Paul Peter Rubens. By merging two landscapes, Photoshop makes it possible to capture part of the painting and at the same time recall Peter Paul Rubens. The dramatic landscape photographs of mountains by Ansel Adams are perhaps the opposite of Peter Hölze's work. With high brightness and the abundant use of white paint, he focuses on the snow-covered mountain landscapes.
The works in this exhibition do not show landscapes, they create landscapes. Each artist different, each exceptional.

Details about this exhibition in Siegen

Creating Land
Marc Josef Baruth, Alfredo de Stefano, Peter Hölzle, Ellen Jantzen, Helen Sear, Ingrid Weyland.
June to August 27, 2022
Opening on Sunday June 19 at 11 a.m.
Thomas Kellner will speak at the opening

Artgalerie Siegen
Fuesrt-Johann-Moritz-Strasse 1
57072 Siegen
+49 271 339603

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