august 14, 2019: thomas kellner hands over 14 siegerland motifs on postcards and a sculpture to the siegerlandmuseum

Siegen. On Wednesday, August 14th, photo artist Thomas Kellner handed over 14 of his Siegerland motifs on postcards to the Siegerland Museum. Three of the motifs depict well-known buildings in Siegen like the Nikolai church, the fat tower and the main university building. The postcards also include motifs from Kellner’s “genius loci” project as well as motifs of Siegens “Mundlöcher”. Kellner also donated a sculpture by the Danish artist Joseph Salamon to the museum. Salamon was born in 1932 in Transylvania and is already known to the people of Siegen for his sculpture “Der Tanz”, which is also located in the upper castles park.

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