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Collection and Guests - Artists - Encounters with the Collections of Carmen Oberst and Martin Conrad

On Saturday, June 19, 2021, the group exhibition 'Collection and Guests - Artists - Encounters with the Collections of Carmen Oberst and Martin Conrad' opened at Photo.Kunst.Raum in Hamburg. With 28 different artists and art disciplines Carmen Oberst shows a potpourri of different perspectives of contemporary art until 31.07.2021.     

As a curator, Oberst works with both artistically interested and professional artists and, among other things, creates themed and monthly changing exhibitions from her own collection that mirror the contemporary German art scene. Therefore, not only painting and photography can be found, but also film art and text-based media, so that the diversity of art is captured and also technical as well as media-based art forms are reflected in the exhibition context. 

Carmen Oberst

Carmen Oberst was born in 1954 and grew up in Karlsruhe. Since 1980 she lives in Hamburg - since then freelance photo artist, curator and lecturer for design with photographic means.
Carmen Oberst initially worked as a graphic designer. Since 1997 she has been intensively involved in the media of photography and experimental film with numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Since 1992 Carmen Oberst has been working at a center for artistic photography. In addition, Carmen Oberst has teaching assignments at various institutions, including the Bildkunst Akademie Hamburg, Werkkunstschule Lübeck, Fachhochschule Hamburg.

Details of the organizer

Collection and Guests - Artist Encounters with the Collections of Carmen Oberst and Martin Conrad
June 19 - July 31, 2021, Hamburg

Exhibiting artists: Udo Beck, Lutz Bleidorn, Jaakov Blumas, Andreas Bock, Martin Conrad, Walter Dechant, Klaus Elle, Falk. Brvt, Ruud Van Empel, Ted Green, Thomas Kellner, Jürgen Königs, Angela Köllisch, Uwe Lindau, Rolf Rose, Jadranko Rebec, Silke Maier-Gamauf, Roland Schauls, Katrin Stender, Monika Tiedemann, Beate Wassermann, Janet Zeugner, Jaakov Blumas, Gianni Dessi, Friedrich Einhoff, Hubert Kiecol , Jakob Juhl, Nunzio

Carmen Oberst
Friedensallee 26
22765 Hamburg, Germany'

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