The collector's eye

The Collectors Eye

The Collector's Eye
April 30 - May 07 2011
Studio Thomas Kellner
Friedrichstrasse Siegen

Dear my collectors, I am searching for images of my work. This summer arts programe in my city will start with a day for the arts. I am organising an exhibition in my studio with prints and images done by my collectors and I would like to invite you to contribute a piece for this project in my studio. 

I am searching for images of my images. This can be either my work framed in an exhibition, or on your wall, it can be at an auction or you with my work in your hands or above the sofa. Everybody who owns a piece of my work is very much invited to contribute a photograph, either digital by email or as a print by real mail. All images together will form an exhibition online on my websites and those that materialise also as prints on the walls of my studio. 

I would be really happy if I could show as many prints and images as possible in this studio exhibition.

Please email or send till February 28 to the address below. 

By submitting work you agree that the image will be published on my website. I would be very glad if I would not need to return any works or prints, to keep costs as low as possible and if those prints that arrive here, become part of my growing collection.

I am looking forward to the images and prints that arrive here and to a wonderful exhibition event at my studio.

kind regards

Thomas Kellner