photodocks Lyon

Photodocks Lyon ArtFair

Lyon. Photodocks ArtFair. On the first weekend of September, photo gallery owners met for the first time in the upscale district on the Rhone for the 5th art fair with a new concept. The first three days were set up as a classic fair, while in the following three weeks the stands were occupied by gallerists and artists. The opening was extremely well attended. One floor belonged to the galleries, on the second floor, mainly Chinese photo artists, including Danwen Xing and Wangquin Song, were shown. Of the small number of mainly French and regional galleries, Galerie 127 from Marrakesh with works by Carolle Bénitah, Galerie Rothamel from Erfurt with works by Hans-Christian Schink and Galerie Vrais Reves with works by Laurent Camus and Jean-Baptiste Carhaix stood out in particular.