Freudenberg online

International fine art photographers visit Alter Flecken in Freudenberg

Siegen/Freudenberg. A joint excursion took international photo artists to the historic old town of Freudenberg, and then to the world-famous photo vista above the half-timbered town. At the invitation of Thomas Kellner from Siegen, this select group of photo enthusiasts will be presenting a selection of unusual photos on a wide variety of themes in his studio at the Friedrichstrasse in Siegen.

The exhibition will be open on two occasions next Saturday and Sunday from 3 tp 6pm. This year's "photographers:network selection 2012" exhibition opened last weekend in Thomas Kellner's studio at Friedrichstraße 42 in Siegen. On Saturday morning, as every year, a number of photographer friends of Thomas Kellner met in the lecture hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art for photo lectures and to answer questions from colleagues and the public (speakers: Sabine Schulz Blank (Berlin), Ann-France Abillon (Vains, France), Ludjimila Steckelberg de Santa (Montreal, Canada), Jan Engelhardt (Waiblingen, Germany), Urszula Tarasiewicz (Oslo, Norway), Claudia Fährenkemper (Werne, Germany), Ralf Litera (Bielefeld, Germany) and Ferit Kuyas (Zurich, Switzerland).

The exhibition is open until Sunday. The silent auction of the work by Kellner "Neuschwanstein", offered for sale to finance the exhibition, will end at 6pm.

As ever since 2004, colleagues from all over the world traveled to the group exhibition and took the opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other. In the Siegen exhibition, visitors can view one work by each of the selected artists, as well as study the monographs and other documents on display.