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30.06.2007: bernhard becher passed away

Last week Friday 22.06.2007 Bernhard Becher, born in Siegen 20.03.1931 passed away after a long desease.

Bernd and Hilla Becher became the founder of a new documentary photography and became also famous of the Becher-school in Dusseldorf where they taught photographers like Andreas Gursky, Thomas Ruff, Candida Hoefer, Thomas Struth and many more.


One of the very first body of works that they did was about the Siegerland Framework Houses, published in 1977 for the first time. Their first exhibition was at Galerie Ruth Nohl 1963 in Siegen.

Much later when our city was planing the new Museum fuer Gegenwartskunst, they dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy to work on the first complete presentation of their framework houses. They were both involved in the design of architecture for their rooms together with the famous architect Josef Paul Kleihues.

We have to thank Bernd and Hilla for their lifetime work and never to forget about their roots in Siegen and the Siegerland.