29.08.2008 Thomas Kellner Juror in Krasnodar

Thomas Kellner juror in Krasnodar

Photovisa Festival (October 23 2008 to November 13 2008), Krasnodar

From October 23 to November, everything in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar will revolve around photography.
The 1st Photovisa Festival presents photographs by Russian and international professional and amateur photographers under the age of 35 who have explored the theme of the Caucasus and the Black Sea.

The work, from the fields of artistic and documentary photography, are selected online in the first instance by a predominantly Russian jury consisting of Elena Sukhoveeva, Victor Hmel', Igor Mihaylenko, Olga Korsunova, Ekaterina Bubnova, Evgeny Berezner, Andrey Bezukladnikov, Boris Ustinov, Vyacheslav Smeyukha, Andrey Polikanov, Levan Mamulov, Oleg Klimov and Michail Dashevsky. In addition to Andrey Bankuti from Hungary, the only international juror present was the Siegen art photographer Thomas Kellner, invited by the artistic director of Photovisa and chief curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, Dr. Irina Tchmireva.

The second instance of the Photovisa Festival is the exhibition of the photographs selected online, as well as workshops with Russian and international professional photographers for guests and participants, discussion rounds, readings and the distinction of the winners of the contest in Krasnodar.

This year, Dr. Irina Tchmyreva was one of the three jury members who made the selection for photographers:network - selection 2008 at Thomas Kellner's studio. Another photovisa jury member, the well-known Russian photo artist Ekaterina Bubnova, was herself represented with works in the exhibition at the Friedrichstraße.


Ekaterina Bubnova