28.06.2007: photographers:network

Network meetings 2007

Last weekend, the rooms of the atelier Friedrichstraße quickly filled with visitors from near and far. Not just visitors from Siegen, Frankfurt, Bonn and Cologne, but colleagues also traveled from abroad for the lectures and exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art last Saturday's opening. For example, Masaki Hirano from Tokyo, Lena Tsakmaki from San Francisco, Hans Jörg Mettler from Montreal and Verdi Yahooda from London. Other guests included Dr. Bernd Fechner from Berlin, who organizes the Berlin photo festival Foto-Bild and is also responsible for the art fair on the luxury cruise-liner Europa. The weekend's program included not only the lectures and opening at the Friedrichstrasse, but also a joint visit to the Rubens Prize award ceremony in the Siegerlandhalle and the opening of the Sigmar Polke exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The silent auction of a work by Thomas Kellner closed at 6 pm with a bid of 250 euros. The bargain went to a collector from Siegen.
The exhibition at the Friedrichstraße will end next weekend and the works will then be packed up and sent back to their photographers.
Opening hours of the exhibition: Sat & Sun 3-6 pm

NO museum night at the Friedrichstraße!