27.06.22008: The world visits Siegen

Andrea Mendes visits Siegen

The first guests for this year's photographers:network group exhibition at the Thomas Kellner's studio in Siegen have been arriving since Wednesday. This year, artists from Brazil, Holland, Greece, the USA and Germany are expected. The first guest, Andrea Mendes from Brasilia, was able to admire the soccer atmosphere in Siegen on Wednesday and commented: "It's not that different to Brazil, where the country turns upside down during soccer matches. She promptly extended her stay to experience the final in Siegen, even though Brazil plays no part in the European Championships. Just soccer.

On Saturday morning, the visiting photographers will present their work in more detail in a series of lectures (lecture room at the Museum für Gegennwartskunst 10 to 12 am).
The opening of the exhibition selection 2008 is on Saturday, June 28 at 3pm at Friedrichstraße 42.