26.11.2007: Kulturserver

Cultural server pages and networks

This week I had a good experience with the Kulturserver editorial team and a crappy one.

Data and research gone

They determined that I had two accounts with the same name and in the course of the conversation I was forced by the editors of Stiftung Kulturserver to give up one of them. And without any reference to where I could access which data via which account. when I hung up the phone the address was gone and with it years of research and cultivation on the university project Brauhausfotografie. No chance to save the data.

The only collection of photographic teaching

It's a shame about the only collection of photographic teaching of this size in the world. An extremely high-quality story, by the way, as Irina Tchmyreva, curator of Moma Moscow, confirmed to me two weeks ago at Fotobild Berlin. And, by the way, in the handbook "Fotografie in NRW" published in 2002 by the Kultursekretariat Nordrhein-Westfalen, published by Klartext, the only photography collection in Siegen.

Data protection and data security or despotism by an editorial team?

The good experience was rather somewhat difficult. Anyone with an account can change data on a page. The changes are sent to the editors, who check the data, but theoretically they can change the settings within seconds and destroy hours or weeks of work. The security of the pages created is clearly in question if I can log into any page as a registered user and the editors arbitrarily decide whether the entries actually come from the operator of the respective page.

As a result, we can now only hope that you will accept my suggestions for changes to the business card and that they will go online in the next few days.


A further finding is that although account data is uploaded to the cultural portal of the Federal Republic of Germany within the entire system, it is unfortunately not the data from an individualized page, but only the data from a web business card.

In addition, there is a difficulty for residents who no longer know which address is associated to them. Kulturserver-nrw, kulturserver, kulturserver-suedwestfalen, or the Kulturhandbuch Siegen-Wittgenstein?

Siegen Wittgenstein remains an island

What's more, after almost 10 years that I've been familiar with the business and having been heavily involved in the founding and consolidation phase, the Kulturhandbuch is still an island and the data from it is still not linked to the Kulturserver or the Kulturportal. This also means that what works well here regionally, for example the event calendar, does apparently not reach beyond the mountains of Siegen-Wittgenstein.

Event data

It can therefore be assumed that if you use an event calendar at siwikultur, this data is passed on to the Kulturportal, but the link still does not work. And if you believe that event data from a personalized page is transferred to the Kulturportal, I wouldn't bet on that either.

Last but not least, I discovered yesterday that the very secure Mozilla browser is incompatible with the Kulturserver. Technology!

Now someone has to explain to me once again why we have been making an effort for years that can be dematerialized arbitrarily from above at the push of a button.

When I asked the intern to restore the data from the backup, they simply replied that I should call the managing director Mr. Knauff on his cell phone (+49 (0) 172 5656 880).

Thomas Kellner