23.06.2008: andrea freiberg & photographers:network

Andrea Freiberg: jamais-vu & photographers:network selection 2008

photographers:network selection 2008

At the end of 2007, around a hundred of my colleagues and friends from all over the world who I have met over the last two years were invited to take part in this project. They are all mostly young female photographers whom I have met at festivals, art fairs and in my galleries. I have been friends with some of them for years. Forty-eight female photographers with more than two hundred works applied to take part. The aim of the project is to build a network among colleagues and to promote each other. An expert jury consisting of a journalist (Thomas Gerwers, PROFIFOTO), a gallery owner (Michael Mazzeo, peer Gallery New York) and an art historian (Irina Tchmyreva, Moscow Museum of Modern Art) selected the works to be exhibited in collaboration with me.

Once again, photographers are traveling to the event from as far away as Athens, Brasilia and Sao Paulo!


Saturday June 28 2007 10 to 12

Lecture room at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Short lectures by colleagues:
Ana Lucia Mariz, São Paulo; Andrea Mendes, Brasilia; April Gertler, Berlin / San Francisco; Angeliki Douveri, Athens; Tania Reinicke, Dortmund; Anja Mohr, Linden; Diana Scherer, Amsterdam; Claudia Faehrenkemper, Werne.

Saturday June 28 2007

Opening 3pm
Studio Friedrichstrasse

Photographers taking part:
Meredith Allen, Brooklyn, USA
Niki Berg, New York, USA
Ekaterina Bubnova, Moscow, Russia
Amanda Calluf, Curitiba, Brazil
Betsy Cullen, Watertown, USA
Angeliki Douveri, Athens, Greece
Diane Ducruet, Hamburg, Germany/ Paris, France
Kathryn Dunlevie, Palo Alto, USA
Claudia Faehrenkemper, Werne, Germany
Blake Fitch, Boston, USA
April Gertler, Berlin, Germany/San Francisco, USA
Jolana Havelkova, Kolin, Czeck Republic
Roberta Holden, Vancouver, Canada
Véronique Kolber, Bourglinster, Luxembourg
Ana Lucia Mariz, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Andrea Mendes, Brasilia, Brazil
Anja Mohr, Linden, Germany
Mary Parisi, Pacifica, CA, USA
Tanja Reinicke, Dortmund, Germany
Diana Scherer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sabine Schulz Blank, Bournemouth, Great Britain
Leslie Starobin, Boston, USA
Ludmila Steckelberg de Santa, Brasilia, Brazil
Eva Sutton, New York, USA
Sara Terry, Los Angeles, USA
Barbara Yoshida, New York, USA

Atelier Friedrichstrasse 42
57072 Siegen

Exhibition open on Saturdays and Sundays 3 to 7pm


Andrea Freiberg: jamais-vu

As in 2005, an ASK artist will once again exhibit in the hall of the Friedrichstrasse studios this year.

Under the exhibition title jamais-vu, Andrea Freiberg displays sculptures, drawings and paintings that she has produced in Siegen, Berlin, Weimar, Szczecin, Gda?sk and in her garden in Thuringia over the past five years. She has either lived in these places, visited them or was passing through. She became aware of some situations along the way and captured them photographically, while others she generated herself. Her exhibition jamais-vu features replicas of real rooms and houses, as well as photographs of interventions and observations of everyday situations. She also shows drawn, folded and painted images that deal with spatial structures.