23.06.2008: Andrea Freiberg jamais-vu

Andrea Freiberg: jamais-vu at the Studio Friedrichstraße Siegen

As in 2005, an ASK artist will once again exhibit in the hall of the Friedrichstrasse studios this year.

Under the exhibition title jamais-vu, Andrea Freiberg displays sculptures, drawings and paintings that she has produced in Siegen, Berlin, Weimar, Szczecin, Gda?sk and in her garden in Thuringia over the past five years. She has either lived in these places, visited them or was passing through. She became aware of some situations along the way and captured them photographically, while others she generated herself. Her exhibition jamais-vu features replicas of real rooms and houses, as well as photographs of interventions and observations of everyday situations. She also shows drawn, folded and painted images that deal with spatial structures.