18.08.2007: ASK new members

Andrea Freiberg, Renate Hahn and Marc Baruth, new members of ASK

Information for the regional media

As previously announced, artists from the region or those with a special connection to the Siegen area were once again able to apply to join the Artists' Workgroup this year. Just recently, Bruno Obermann, the new member of 2006, was presented at the Haus Seel as part of the KunstSommer 2007. 

The Siegerland Artists' Workgroup is delighted to welcome three new members this year: Marc Baruth and Andrea Freiberg from Siegen, as well as Renate Hahn from Bad Laasphe.

Over twenty applications from artists from all over the region were already viewed before the summer vacation. Many of the applicants are encouraged to reapply, as the community accepts a maximum of three artists each year and was therefore unable to send everyone positive news regarding the application process. Nevertheless, the ASK has recruited two young and very successful talents, Andrea Freiberg and Marc Baruth, for the association of local artists. With Renate Hahn, another artist from the Wittgensteiner Land region has joined the group, which also marks the community's path of finding members not only from the city of Siegen, but from all over Siegen-Wittgenstein and the neighboring regions. 

The working group is planning an exhibition of the newcomers' work at the Haus Seel municipal gallery in 2008. 

The next application window will open in June 2008. 

The Siegerland Artists' Workgroup encourages interested colleagues to apply for admission to the association by June 16.

The ASK is a regional association of artists who have a connection to the Siegerland and Wittgenstein region in their biography and/or work. A community and an association which thrives on regularly receiving new memberships. 

The ASK has existed for over 75 years and is not programmatically oriented. Its members have always been people with different artistic temperaments, working methods and objectives who have come together to engage in a dialog and to hold joint exhibitions. They want to support each other and establish contacts that benefit the further development of the group and the individual artists. This is complemented by the exchange of experiences during various exhibitions with similar artist groups at home and abroad. Works by the community can be seen regularly in the municipal gallery Haus Seel, as well as by individual members at other venues in the region. 

New members are welcome to join the ASK. Artists with a sphere of activity in the Siegen region, with a connection to the Siegerland or the region can apply for membership. The prerequisite is proof of dedicated artistic work, regardless of the particular creative medium within the visual arts. In addition to painters, graphic artists, draughtsmen and sculptors, there are already representatives of trans-classical processes and media among the members. The only decisive factor is the quality of the work, which must also be demonstrated by ambitious exhibition activities, among other things. Interest in active participation in the group and in joint exhibitions is a expected. 

The ASK discusses submitted applications once a year at its summer meeting. The next application window will open in June 2008.