15.06.2007 photographers:network selection 2007

Studio Friedrichstrasse Siegen: photographers:network selection 2007

At the end of 2006, about a hundred of my colleagues and friends from all over the world, whom I have met over the last two years, were once again invited to participate in this project. They are mostly young photographers I have encountered at festivals, art fairs and galleries. Many have been close friends for a long while. 69 photographers with more than two hundred works have applied for participation. The aim of the project is to build a network among colleagues and to promote support one another. An expert jury consisting of one journalist (Thomas Gerwers, PROFIFOTO), two gallerists (Nicole Stanner, Galerie f 5.6, Munich; Burkhard Arnold, in focus, Cologne) and one art historian (Diana Edkins, Aperture Foundation, New York) have collaborated with me in the selection of works to be exhibited.

This year, we will have photographers from as far away as San Francisco and Tokyo coming to display their work!

Saturday, June 23 2007, 10 to 12am
Lecture hall at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst

Short talks with our colleagues:
Verdi Yahooda, London, Lena Tsakmaki, San Francisco, Udo Beck Nürnberg, Hans Mettler, Toronto, Nelly Thomas, Langenselbold, Masaki Hirano, Tokio, Herbert Böttcher, Düsseldorf

Saturdaz, June 23 2007 3pm
Studio Friedrichstraße

Participating photographers:
Beck, Udo, Nürnberg; Bowen, Robert New York NY, USA; Carlile, Brad Portland OR, USA; Casamirra, Patrizia, Rome, Italy; Cohen, Trudy Lee, Philadelphia PA, USA; Davis, Scott B., San Diego CA, USA; Edwards, Beth Yarnelle, San Francisco CA, USA; Glickman, Andrew Z., Bethesda MD, USA; Hallett, Michael, Worcester, United Kingdom; Halm-Schudel, Anna, Zurich, Switzerland; Hirano, Masaki, Tokyo, Japan; Isis, Charise, Kingston NY, USA; King, Frazier, Houston TX, USA; Krawiec, Georgia, Warsaw, Poland; Lake, Suzy, Toronto ON, Canada; Lischka, Tamara, Portland OR, USA; Major, EJ, London, United Kingdom; Matar, Rania, Brookline MA, USA; Müller, Wolfgang, Berlin; Murray, Felicia, New York NY, USA; O’Connell, Kevin, Denver CO, USA; Schwartz, Dona, Minneapolis MN, USA; Scott, Gregory Evanston IL, USA; Siegfried, Elizabeth, Toronto ON, Canada; Temkin, Brad Shokie IL, USA; Tsakmaki, Lena Palo Alto CA, USA.

Studio Friedrichstraße 42
57072 Siegen
Exhibition open Saturday to Sunday, 3 to 6pm