15.03.2007 Chapalango News

Let's Dance Chapalango

Art Galerie, Siegen February 23 to April 7 2007

We have just received the gratifying news from Marco Ambrosi that he has been awarded first prize by the Chicago Calligraphy Collective for an earlier work, "book as body". The piece will be displayed in the 21st annual exhibition of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective before a jury at the Newberry Library (January 31 to March 17, 2007) and in the international exhibition, Responding to Our World, at the Guilford Art Center in Connecticut (June 29 to August 12, 2007).

The exhibition Let's Dance Chapalango will show photographs by Marco Ambrosi, Verona/Italy, Suzanne Banning, Houston, Texas/USA, f&d Cartier, Biel-Bienne/Switzerland, Diane Ducruet, Paris/France, Adriana Groisman, NewYork/USA, Lorena Guillen Vaschetti, Buenos Aires/Argentina and New York/USA, Charise Isis, Woodstock, NewYork/USA, Morton Nilsson, Copenhagen/Denmark, Pavel Odvody, Darmstadt until April 7.

"Let's Dance Chapalango."

Contemporary Dance Photography

February 23 - April 07, 2007

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