13.05.2008: ASK artists deeply concerned for colleagues

Siegerland Artists' Workgroup (ASK) deeply concerned about colleagues in Deyang and Sichuan

Since the earthquake on Monday, members of the ASK have been trying to establish contact with their esteemed colleagues in Sichuan. Two painters visited Siegen last year and artists exhibiting in the "China Photo" exhibition curated by Thomas Kellner also live in the Sichuan region.
In October 2006, the ASK was invited by the Chinese colleagues in Deyang to display a group exhibition of Siegerland art in Deyang. During this trip, extensive contacts were established between the artist of both countries. In summer 2007, the Art Galerie exhibited two of the Chinese colleagues, Zhang Zhaofang and Zeng Fanxu, whose works will be shown in a further group exhibition in June. So far there has been no news of the artists from Deyang. The second China exhibition, which was on show in Siegen last year, has also been affected. Thomas Kellner is currently in Lodz, Poland, where the "Fotofestiwal" is showing the exhibition "China Photo" on a larger scale. The exhibition with works by Chinese artists and other photographers who have portrayed China will open on Thursday.
Several of the photographers involved live in the region hit by the earthquake. It has not yet been possible to establish contact and it is to be feared that fellow artists are also affected.