09.09.2007: ASK says farewell to Chinese colleagues

Farewell to the Chinese colleagues at Sabiene Autsch's studio

The Siegerland Artists' Workgroup bids farewell to visitors from China

Shortly beforeboth their departure and a visit to the sculpture show in Münster, the two artists Zeng Fanxu and Zhang Zhaofang and their interpreter Chen Yong were invited to Sabiene Autsch's studio at the Friedrichstraße. From late afternoon until late at night, the numerous artists from the Siegerland Workgroup exchanged ideas with their colleagues from the sister city of Deyang. Two Brazilian colleagues, Ivana and Anna Lopes, who are currently cooperating on projects with Jochen Dietrich, Keppel Abbey and the University of Siegen, also joined the ASK meeting with their Chinese colleagues. There was a lot to talk about and to tell. The two Chinese painters were impressed by all the original works of art that they were able to see in the Siegen Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, having previously only known them as reproductions from books in their home country.

The artist colleagues were impressed by Siegen's hospitality. Common ground was established in order to continue the exchange among the artists and to foster  further measures in the respective city. Furthermore, the Chinese artists from Deyang will have the opportunity to show exhibitions in Siegen every year in cooperation with the GDCF, and the municipal gallery Haus Seel. In addition, both sides will endeavor to provide opportunities for studio grants. Such stays could lead to a much more intense engagement among cultures and promote the artists' work.