07.11.2007: ASK Christmas exhibition

Cultural organizers from sister cities develop exhibition by the Siegerland Artists' Workgroup ASK

Siegerland Artists' Workgroup

Blicke. Von Außen

November 29 to December 20 2007

Municipal Gallery Haus Seel, Siegen

Inauguration Thursday, November 29 7pm

Welcome speech by the mayor of the city of Siegen, Mr. Steffen Mues

Mr. Franz-J. Mockenhaupt, Managing Director of the IHK Siegen-Wittgenstein, will speak on the subject of networks in business and culture.


Cultural organizers from the twin towns develop exhibition by the Siegerland Artists' Association ASK

The exhibition shows six different concepts and working methods linked to six names. Some of them - Margret Judt, Jochen Dietrich, Petra Oberhaeuser - are well-known to the local public as members of the Siegerland Artists' Workgroup and others - Marc Baruth, Renate Hahn, Andrea Freiberg - while no longer newcomers by any measure, have not previously been partnered with the ASK. This year, however, they are taking part and are now meeting the audience in a dialog with the familiar and bustling group of artists. The compilation of their sometimes very different positions into one exhibition is made possible by the concept conveyed by the title, "Blicke. Von Außen". For the first time, art experts from three of Siegen's sister cities have were invited to present their views on the local Siegerland scene.

Christoph Melzer from the Zitadelle Spandau in Berlin, Friedrich Reichel from the Vogtlandmuseum Plauen and Layla Bloom from the Leeds City Art Gallery accepted the invitation and were impressed by the diversity and quality of work that the ASK artists presented to them. The selection they made will be on display at the Haus Seel from November 29. In 2008, "Blicke. Von Außen" will then go on tour, as the ASK campaign has awoken the appetite for more art from the Siegerland in Siegen's sister cities.


Working Group of Siegerland Artists

Blicke. Von Außen

Works by Marc Baruth, Jochen Dietrich, Andrea Freiberg, Margret Judt, Renate Hahn, Petra Oberhauser

November 29 to December 20 2007

Municipal Gallery Haus Seel,

Kornmarkt 20

57072 Siegen

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 2 to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday also 10am to 1pm

Person of contact at Kultur Siegen: Helga Dellori, +49 (0) 271/4043057, h_dellori@siegen.de