07.09.2007: Deyang artists visit Siegen

Visit from Deyang to the Friedrichstraße studios

The two Chinese guest artists Zeng Fanxu, Zhang Zhaofang and their interpreter Chen Yong gawked when they found the Great Wall of China in Siegen. On his trip to China in 2006, Thomas Kellner had photographically deconstructed various buildings in Deyang and Beijing. The Great Wall of Mutianyu is one of the first works that can currently be seen.
The visit from sister city Deyang is currently enjoying an extensive programme organized by the Siegerland Artists' Workgroup and the GDCF. The program included their exhibition opening at the Art Galerie, museum visits in Siegen, a visit to the documenta, a sculpture show in Münster, a school visit to Keppel, a tour of the studios at the old brewery of the University of Siegen, as well as visits to the studios of local artists, among numerous other invitations.

The visitors from China are in Siegen until next Sunday and will return home full of impressions. The works of Zeng Fanxu and Zhang Zhaofang will remain on display in the Art Galerie until the beginning of October and some of them will also be on show at the Siegerlandhalle next week.