02.09.2007: ASK in Kassel and visit to documenta

Siegerland artists visit documenta together with Chinese colleagues

Relations between the Siegerland and China intensify. Two artists from Siegen's sister city Deyang, painters Zeng Fanxu and Zhang Zhaofang, are currently visiting their colleagues from the Siegerland Artists' Association (ASK), who themselves undertook a successful exhibition trip to China in the early summer and had already planned this reciprocal visit there. The local branch of the German-Chinese Friendship Society (GDFC), with its active chairwoman Isolde Gomberg, played a major role in the success of both trips.
Zeng Fanxu and Zhang Zhaofang, whose exhibition can still be visited until October 5 at the Art Galerieat the Fürst-Johann-Moritz-Straße in Siegen, did not want to miss the opportunity to visit documenta 12 - as a world art fair, the Kassel exposition enjoys an excellent reputation in China, as well. Despite the busy schedule, this wish was fulfilled. Our photo below shows the two of them together with artists and friends of the ASK and interpreter Chen Yong, who spent a busy Saturday in Kassel translating intense discussions about contemporary art.