Film and Media Studies Internship

Film and Media Studies Internship Program 2024

Are you interested, motivated, open-minded, friendly and want to gain practical knowledge in an internship? Here you can find current internship vacancies.
Thomas Kellner is an internationally active artist and photo artist in the art industry, has taught as a visiting professor at Justus Liebig University, Giessen, writes for various photo magazines and curates exhibitions. He is an IHK-certified social media manager and IHK-certified online marketing manager. He networks with fellow artists and runs a gallery in Siegen together with his partner. Thomas Kellner is networked worldwide with curators, journalists, galleries, etc.

Opportunities for media studies Internship, Media Internship, Spring 2024 or summer internship

Thomas Kellner is looking for new interns to join the team as soon as possible to assist writing blog posts with AI and work on his current projects 800 Years of Siegen / 800 Portraits, Architectures, Rubens in Genoa (art historians please contact us). Ideally, you are a student of media studies, art history, photography, (interior) architecture, communication studies, cultural management, preferably also a language or literature-oriented subject, such as literature-culture-media (LKM), or a similar course of study and are looking for an internship or pre-internship for a life changing major internship experience.

The duration of the internship should be at least 6, preferably 8 weeks or longer. Whether this is a voluntary internship or a compulsory internship, you can join us at any time for your next internship and enrich your studies with further practical experience. Gain your first journalistic experience in media practice on the way to television and radio, even without previous journalistic knowledge, in a full-time position. Use the internship opportunities because students must gain unpaid work experience for academic credits

Find newcomers for work and current internships for mandatory internship in media studies

Prerequisites are an interest in contemporary art and photography, practical work, sociability and open-mindedness in dealing with people and resistance to stress.

We also expect- a good command of English, another language is also welcome
- Good knowledge of MS Office
- Basics in dealing with image files

What you can learn here in a full-time internship in the fields of media studies, editing, conception, PR, social media, marketing, corporate relations and advertising in this internship program

- Your tasks will include press and public relations, marketing and sales in the art market
- You will receive an introduction to the Cobra customer management system and the maintenance of 5000 contacts and customers and 20,000 followers in social networks
- You will work on the maintenance of a CMS website based on Typo3
- You write your own BLOG post
- You operate a strategy according to an editorial plan with publishers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
- We test the Neuronwriter as an AI tool

- You work at your own workplace- Depending on the skills you bring with you, including Photoshop or InDesign, video, architecture or sculpture, you will accompany and manage projects such as events or exhibitions, competitions, etc., design book projects, organize mailings for customer care or acquisition, as well as work on new works in the form of an Artfactory during your internship.

How to apply for the advertisement for a Media Studies Internship in 2024 with this employer

If this was useful information, then send your informative application documents for an internship

by email to or
by post to:
Thomas Kellner
Blücherstraße 7
57072 Siegen

Perhaps you would like to get to know this suitable job in an exciting professional field and complete a meaningful internship here as a student? There are several internship positions here. There is no deadline.

Media Studies Internship in 2024: Tips and useful links for a college internship

Internships in the field of media studies are an exciting opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the media sector. In 2024 in particular, there are numerous opportunities to complete an internship at the institute or in an online editorial office during the semester or semester break. In this article, you will learn how you can successfully find an internship in the field of media studies, which steps you should follow and which useful links will help you.

1. internship in the field of media studies: what you should know about independent study

The compulsory internship in media studies is often an integral part of the curriculum. As a rule, students complete an internship in the field of media studies in order to gain practical experience and gain an initial insight into the world of work. Such an internship can be completed in various areas such as sales, marketing, corporate relations or online editing.

It is important to note that many companies see interns as potential future employees. Therefore, the internship in the field of media studies should not only be seen as an obligation, but also as an opportunity for personal and professional development.

2. how can I find the right internship in the field of media studies?

Targeted search for internships

The search for an internship in the field of media studies requires a targeted approach. Use specialized internship exchanges and pay attention to advertisements from renowned institutes and companies. You should also contact the student advisory service for up-to-date information on available internships.

Application and internship documents

Applying for an internship in the field of media studies requires careful preparation.Create an informative CV and write a convincing cover letter. Make sure to emphasize your motivation and skills that are relevant to the media sector.Ideally, application documents should be submitted by e-mail.

Compulsory internship as part of the degree program

Many media studies courses require a compulsory internship as an integral part of the course. Find out in good time about the requirements, the start date and the duration of the internship. Arrange an agreement with the internship module to ensure that your internship meets the course requirements. An internship report is usually required at the end.

3. useful links and resources for interns

Finally, we would like to introduce you to some useful links and resources that can help you in your search for an internship in the field of media studies:

Media Studies Internship Exchange: Here you can find current advertisements and internships in the field of Media Studies.
Media Studies Student Advisory Service: Find out about the requirements and opportunities for your degree course.
Application tips for media internships: Get valuable tips on preparing your application documents and the application process.

Conclusion: Take the opportunity to gain valuable experience

A media studies internship is a unique opportunity to gain practical insights into the media industry.Use the tips and resources in this article to successfully complete an internship in 2024. Remember that an internship in Media and Communication Studies is not only a commitment, but also an opportunity for personal and professional development. An internship during the semester break offers students a great opportunity to gain qualifications at an early stage.

Important points to remember:

Targeted search: Use internship exchanges and contact the student advisory service to find suitable internships.
Careful application: Create convincing application documents and submit them by e-mail.
Program requirements: Find out about the requirements of your degree program in good time and make arrangements with the internship module.
Useful links: Use the links and resources presented to make your search for an internship easier.