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Pal, Udayan Sankar  
Udayan Sankar Pal is an Indian fine art photographer  
Panas, Lydia  
Lydia Panas is an American fine art photographer.  
Parisi, Mary  
Mary Parisi is an well known American fine art photographer from California, who has specialised on food photography.  
Paranagua, Kitty  
Kitty Paranagua, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1955. Graduated in Jornalism at the Catolic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC - RJ ) and post graduated in Photography: image,…  
2001: Monumente  
Title: Monumente Editor: Burkhard Arnold (in focus Galerie, Köln), Rainer Danne (städtische Galerie, Iserlohn) Author: Gerhard Glüher Artists: Thomas Kellner Format: 27,2×21,2cm |…  
Perrin, Gilles  
Born in Paris in 1947, Gilles Perrin has a master in photography. Since 1972 he has worked as an author photographer specialist in large format  
Pye, Wendy  
Wendy Pye is a visual artist, fine art photographer, lecturer and moving image producer based in Brighton, UK  
Pascarel, Nicolas  
Nicolas Pascarel is a fine art photographer based in Naples Italy  
Pastorino Diaz, Esteban  
Esteban Pastorino Díaz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1972.  
2008: All shook up - The Boston Athenaeum  
All shook up, Thomas Kellner photographs the Boston Athenaeum Thomas Kellner: All shook up, with an illustrated essay by Richard Wendorf, 96 pages, paperback, 16 colorplates & 16 sketches…  
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