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Opton, Suzanne  
Suzanne Opton is an American fine art photographer who got famous with her soldier portraits.  
Kontakt in Zakopane  
Thomas Kellner: Kontakt Thomas Kellner: Kontakt 5.. Mai - 1. Juni 2014 Städtische Galerie Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Zakopane, Polen   „Kellners Fotografien sind künstlerisch eigenwillige, mosaik-…  
Pervouralsk, New Pipe Plant 2  
Pervouralsk, New Pipe Plant 2 In 1732, the Vasilievo-Shaitansky Plant was built by the younger generation of the Demidov Dynasty (famous industrialists in the Urals). For two centuries, the…  
Thomas Kellner in Siegen, Chicago, Brasilia und Reykjavik  
Chicago. Brasilia. Reykjavik. Am Freitag eröffnete in der renommierten Chicagoer Schneider Galerie die Ausstellung Experimental Approaches (Experimentelle Herangehensweisen) mit Arbeiten des…  
Portfolios 1990 – today  Contact sheets and a new perspective 2021 Half-timbered houses of the Siegen industrial area today, 19 photographs of the framework houses, that the…  
April 28, 2020 Virtual journey to the Biennale  
Virtual trip by Siegen photo enthusiasts. Siegen. The biennial for current photography ended this weekend in Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg. The doors were closed due to corona, but fine art…  
Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Siegen, Germany Collection Foto Arte, Brasília, Brazil Collection Schuppmann, Germany Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Toronto, Canada …  
Mendez, Eleuterio  
Eleuterio Mendez Eleuterio Mendez was a Mexican architect. His work was subscribed to the neoclassical style. Together with other European and Mexican architects, among them Carl Gangolf Kayser,…  
Feng Bin  
Feng Bin: Hutong at night I am fascinated by the surrealistic and poetic atmosphere captured in realistic space. Photography, for me, is a tool to observe the world around us, and to reflect visually…  
USA, Chicago, Field Museum  
USA, Chicago, Field Museum. It is located at Lake Shore Drive next to Lake Michigan, Chicago Illinois.  
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