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Genius loci – Two german gentlemen in the land of the Tsarz, by Thomas Kellner  
Genius loci – Two german gentlemen in the land of the Tsarz, by Thomas Kellner  
Genius Loci – Ural around Yekaterinburg  
A Catalog about the architecture around Jekaterinburg in the Ural region by Siegen fine art photographer Thomas Kellner  
Thomas Kellner – Germany – view from inside out  
A journey along the boder In his series Deutschland-Grenzgänge (Germany-crossing borders) or Blick nach Draußen (view to the outside) from 1996, Kellner uses a pinhole camera to show us a new…  
Welcome to Thomas Kellner's BLOG  
A warm welcome! Thank you for stopping by. While my website is mainly about current exhibitions and projects, I would like to offer you a bit more background information on my BLOG. On a daily basis…  
Profession as an artist II 4/4: working on the road  
Preparation for working on the road and different projects Working on the road is very different from working in the studio. I photograph buildings all over the world, which of course requires…  
Profession as an artist II 3/4: working in the studio  
The different tasks and work in the studio The work in the studio actually has very little to do with the classical, romantic idea of a studio. In the studio, films are put into development after…  
Profession as an artist II 2/4: ideas  
The working process towards a product The first question is how do I, as an artist, produce good artworks with demand? For me, it's not about the brilliant thought or an "aha" moment, but about the…  
Profession as an artist II 1/4: products  
Differentiation of the different works and the commercial side of being an artist With my works, one can first make a rough subdivision into commissions and works of art. In addition, the works can…  
Profession as an artist I 4/4  
Career from 2002 until today  What happened in 2002 that made you call this point in your career a turning point? The end of a deadline and the beginning of something great 2002 was the end of a 5…  
Profession as an artist I 3/4: Starting a career  
Beginning a career Beginning a Career What does a career actually begin with? With the first exhibition of one’s own or a first publication? A profession does not begin with a specific event, it is…  
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